Initial Donation April 2018 Clinton Township Municipal Center

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP — And then there were five.

When the 2018 calendar year began, Clinton Township firefighters went about their jobs in the usual manner. Lifesaving maneuvers during cardiac arrest situations were being performed manually, sometimes while individuals in distress were being transported up and down stairs, their blood possibly coagulating.

Fast-forward 12 months.

On Dec. 12, the Clinton Township Kiwanis Club wrote a check for a fifth and final LUCAS 3 device. The chest compression machine is popular for providing American Heart Association guideline-consistent compressions.

But each device costs around $16,000. That was a large reason why none of the stations possessed even a single device when the year began.

Thanks to donations from several groups and individuals, each township fire station is now equipped with a LUCAS 3. The most recent device was assigned to Fire Station No. 5, on Elizabeth Road.

Donations have come from the Kiwanis Club, the now-defunct North Clinton Township Kiwanis Club, the Clinton Township Board of Trustees, resident Carol Barker, C.J. Barrymore’s, the American House, Clinton Township Firefighters Local 1381 and resident Mary Rode — mother of Kiwanis Club President Phil Rode, in memory of her husband, Ralph.

“We use these devices almost every day,” Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan said. “There have already been several successful outcomes throughout the township. The support has been phenomenal from many groups and individuals. The Kiwanis have been immensely helpful spearheading this effort. Without their involvement, we would be lucky to have even one device. Once the first one was purchased, it allowed everyone to see the value this device provides on the scene of a cardiac arrest.”

EMS Chief John Gallagher said the CTFD “is honored to serve such a supportive community.”

“Providing optimal service to those entrusted in our care is paramount, and we are always seeking means to attain positive outcomes,” he said. “With the addition of the LUCAS 3 devices, we are realizing higher rates of return of spontaneous circulation and providing the patient a better chance of survival from cardiac arrest.

“Our relationship with the Clinton Township Kiwanis has blossomed into an amazing story. This group of selfless individuals has afforded our department an opportunity to better serve our community and strive for improved clinical efficacy. To say we are thankful is truly the understatement of the year.”

CTFD Battalion Chief Paul Brouwer Jr. called the device a “game changer,” adding that patients being delivered to the hospital still have a pulse and are still “viable.”

Phil Rode said excitement was generated with the addition of each device. He admitted that the lofty number of five devices was never a goal, but it just “steamrolled” into that.

Kiwanis member Kerry Jantz said multiple firefighters have told club members that the LUCAS 3 is the single-best device that has been utilized by the department, perhaps ever.

“It created excitement because we knew it was making a difference,” Jantz said.

Duncan praised Gallagher for making a push to bring the device into the community in the first place. Now that it’s here and being used nearly every other day, the intention is for innumerable lives to be saved well into the future.

“We both believe this is one of the greatest devices our profession has seen in some time,” Duncan noted. “It basically comes down to great people doing great things for their community, and we couldn’t be more honored to have these groups and individuals be part of our little family here at the Clinton Township Fire Department.”